We’ve attended Ignite The Tour in Berlin. Huge track of latest technologies was presented there during two days full of sessions in December 2018. 

MS Ignite – The Tour is an addition to “big” Ignite conferencein various cities around the globe. Personally, I was surprised that this was such a big event and two days of the conference with multiple tracks in one time made us really difficulties to choose just one presentation.

Top session


Brian Holt presented a way how to deploy and develop his Node app with some FE in React. Deploy it very easily to cloud and have everything secret because of using KeyVault technologies. The whole app was using MongoDB as NoSQL database, which was actually just CosmoDB with its MongoDB provider and everything was done directly from VS Code – managing data in DB, taking care about App services and development itself.

Serverless and container

“Talwind Traders Acquires Northwind”– everything began with this shocking statement. Migration from a native on-premise solution to the cloud was necessary. For this purpose we can use App services for Linux, where you can host your docker images. So let’s setup azure devops with Pipelines, create proper docker images and extend whole flow with applying Azure functions for creating a report with some event-based triggers.

Monitoring multi-global solution

Presentation about monitoring global solution from Magnus was a must for us from Oriflame 🙂 It was about the usage of Azure monitor service, which allows you to check all your environment on a different level. You can also specify alerts which can react on some scenarios which allow you to be informed on time and react accordingly. It’s a very progressive area and so many updates are in place and also ahead of us.

Wrap up

Few days full of information – this is the conference Ignite The Tour. Presentations are great —
human-oriented and great prepared. Javascript, Open Source and Cloud is everywhere, so everything seems very easy applicable and understandable. This really encourages you for your projects.

For DEVs it is shown how to easily create, deploy and monitor code, for OPS to understand their deployed solution. So as true DEVOPS engineer you can get all the tools for development and taking care of your apps. You have also the opportunity to ask experts and discuss topics which you’re interested in.

In the end, it’s time for you and your colleagues to chat and spend a nice time in the amazing city full of sights in the middle of Christmas atmosphere.

This everything together makes this event really special.

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