It has been few months when I formally started working @ Oriflame Software as a Solution Expert and with this short period of time let me share with you my first hand experience.

Opportunity to grow and explore is a vital part of a good ecosystem in any profession or workplace. In the beginning of my journey, I personally experienced the joy of working with new colleagues, technologies, processes and projects which reflects the company’s mission to fulfill dreams as options are readily available. In fact, recently I found out that some employees are moving forward to different career path or position within the organization which emphasize that we have an ocean of opportunities/possibilities and all we have to do is dive in and be involved.

Respect is essential to be able to work comfortable and it is not based on position, age, race, experience or the color of your skin. Here at Oriflame, people in the position like our director, managers and leaders are in great humility by engaging themselves without boundaries to all employees. I am fascinated how Oriflamers interact with utmost respect to others even in simple things like where to eat, changing language for others to understand the conversation, and so on (it will be long list if I will continue to name all the things I initially observed). In general, respect is not only a word but it is an action which is visible on how employees engage with one another.

Innovation comes from deep understanding of the products and services of the organization and it is only possible if you have the freedom to practice it. “Think outside the box” is a very common habit in the office where employees are excited to share what they have discovered or the things that they wanted to achieve for continuous improvement. One of the benefits that the company offers is the “Innovation Day” where employees have the time to think, reflect, self-study, brainstorm, prepare proof of concept (POC), collaborate and encouraged to share on regular Technical Demo sessions. So here, innovation is always at work. 🙂

Family is where our heart belongs to, a place where you can be yourself. Both our Brno and Olomouc office are designed to feel like HOME where you can make your own coffee or beverage, prepare some shakes and even celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, achievements or milestones like having a new born baby. Team buildings or engagement activities here are not limited to employees, it is fully extended to family members and love ones. This shows one of our values as Oriflamers “Togetherness“.

Leadership comes from the ability to develop and guide people to the right direction. Successful stories are clearly driven by clarity and meaning with a goal to succeed in every step of the way . Encouragement, appreciation, constructive feedback to individual or teams to perform on optimum capacity on a regular basis.Leaders at Oriflame does not only leave instructions alone but they lead by good example.

Accountability is crucial if you are working with multiple teams, from various locations, to know who is incharge. Implementation of projects and solving issues is done efficiently as colleagues are willing to take charge for the actions and outcomes in all situation in which they are involved. Confidence and trust are developed consistently as we integrate ourselves to new products, services, development and the people around us.

Motivation inspires me to create this blog. In fact, this is my first time writing a blog and I am really encouraged to create and share how happy I am to be part of this family. Today, I asked myself – what motivates me to continue after my probationary period ? Well, the answer is clear and simple, it is not about the latest technologies or how big or small the organization, or how many projects we need to implement, it is all about belongingness, warm and uplifting environment which are not driven by push and pull mechanism but sincere encouragement and motivation.

Empowerment forms a practical representation of increased confidence and ownership of an individual to a certain project or activities.On my first few months, I was given the chance to manage a complex project with full assurance that I can take control of the whole process which enabled me to do better in decision making, seeing clearer path, and expand networks that helped me improve.

Does O-R-I-F-L-A-M-E letters enough to describe my first few experiences and express how great it is? Are you encouraged and motivated to share your personal encounters? Will you just read the blogs of others or do you want to feel it yourself?

Well, we have a lot a various open positions that you can explore and perhaps we are just waiting for you to fill it up and be part of the ORIFLAME family.


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