Azure API Management has become an integral part of our system in the last couple of years. All API communication is going through this API Gateway. But we had to deal with two big issues. The first one was setting a release process and the second was creating policies.

Policies are XML based rules which describe the behavior of the endpoints for incoming requests. Each endpoint has its own Policy and there are also Policies applicable to all endpoints in the API. But Policies are in a proprietary format and writing them is complicated for our developers. The logic is locked inside them and is not reusable. And finally, it is a hard vendor lock.

That’s why we developed Policy Builder. It’s a tool that allows you to define Policies in C# code. There is a fluent interface for guidance and eliminating mistakes. XML based policies are autogenerated at the end and can be uploaded to APIM through its REST API.

If you find this interesting or helpful you can look at our GitHub how it works. And we are looking forward to your contribution also.

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